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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

How to monetize your blog with BAT

I think one thing is clear at this'll either get into blockchain technology, or you'll regret it when you get in later.  This is still the time of "Early Adopters"'re not too late.  How does this tie in to a mainly Oracle/database blog?  Recently I heard Oracle's Larry Ellison gave a speech to Wharton Business School graduates about blockchain where he said this is the single most important new technology in decades.  A Bloomberg report stated Oracle is ready to announce its entry into Blockchain including a platform as a service (PaaS) Blockchain product...IBM and others have already done the same thing.  We've all seen blockchain enter the finance and IoT spaces, but the applications are endless...its my other passion, besides databases.  You could say blockchain is a new database technology.  Its going to change the world.

Blockchain gave us Bitcoin and many other coins/tokens.  You've all heard of Bitcoin, but you may not have heard of Basic Attention Coin (BAT).  BAT works with the Brave browser, which can generate BAT tokens as you use it.  It then allows you to tip websites automatically when you use them.  *More info here*.  To do this you just need to download and use the Brave browser . Think "Chrome" but its faster, more secure, ads blocked, built by Brendan Eich, the guy that invented java script and Mozilla.  The idea is that from a user's perspective, you can reward content creators (like websites, twitter/youtube/blog channels, etc) when they help you out (at really no cost to you)...and from the content provider's perspective, they can get free money.

I've used it for about a year, and it keeps getting better, but I wanted to monetize my blog with it.  To do this, you have to register your channel, to do that, you need to put in a file with a key into a folder called ".well-known".  Blogger has no way to do this, but I found a way to get it to work.

1. Go to
2. Create an account and click on "Add Channel"
3. Click on Website
4. Add your website: ie:
You're then given two options to verify via DNS or by adding a file...choose to add the file.

That will give you the instructions to add a file called /.well-known/brave-rewards-verification.txt with metadata in it.

5. Now go into your blog's settings and go to "Pages" and click "New Page."
6. I named my page brave-rewards-verification.txt, although I'm not sure that was necessary, and then I pasted in the metadata I got from step 4.
7. Click save and publish...this gives you a page you can access like this:
8. Back to blogger settings->search preferences->Custom Redirects->Edit->New Redirect
9. Create a redirect that looks like this, with relative paths:
10. Now go back to and click on the verify button.  Within a few seconds it will say, "Channel Verified."
11. Now create an uphold wallet (which is another link on that page and follow the instructions to connect it to your new bat publishers account, and you're done.  Now, when people come to your page, they can tip your blog automatically, in the background.

Now, when you go into brave and click on brave rewards, you can check your website:

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