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Friday, April 26, 2019

19c Linux x86-64  for on-prem/non-Exadata is available for download!

Some interesting things to know...

1. Its available as the traditional download or as an RPM to download.
2. Just like the Exadata version that requires OEL 7, the on-prem version requires:
      OEL 7.4, UEK 4 (4.1.12-112.16.7+)
      OEL 7.4, UEK 5 (4.14.35-1818.1.6+)
      OEL 7.4, RH Compat (3.10.0-693.
      RHEL 7.4+ (3.10.0-693.
      SUSE ES 12 SP3 (4.4.103-92.56+)

Have fun!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Yet one more End Of Support date push for

If you haven't heard, on 1/26 Oracle updated their release/end of life document (742060.1) to say Extended Support fees have been waived through 12/31/2018.  I understand Oracle trying to work with their customers, but a lot of people took that to mean, "Great, I can postpone working on this upgrade." has been around since 7/22/2014, so we're coming up to 3 years to plan and execute an upgrade.  11.2 has been around since 9/1/2010...the terminal patchset isn't as old, but 7 years for a database is an eternity.

/* UPDATE */

As of 4/6/2019, if you're on Oracle E-Business Suite, database 11.2 and 12.1 extended support fee waiver has been extended again through Dec 2020...Wow!  That's an extension of almost 2 years! (2522948.1)  That means 11.2 will have had a 10+year supported run!

This is understandable since I've heard Oracle is skipping 12.2 database support, and 18.3 isn't the "long-term" version (and 12.2 and 18.X) isn't going to be supported by EBS.  This means the database version you would need to upgrade to for EBS is 19.2.  Unfortunately, 19.2 isn't available yet for non-Exadata/ODA, so there's nothing to upgrade to for the majority of EBS customers.  They couldn't end support on 12.1 at the end of June and release 19.2 support for EBS at that same time.  It typically takes months to upgrade an entire EBS was inevitable.

Still, I hope you don't read this and think this grants you more time to procrastinate.  There are *a lot* of great features in 19.2!  Don't allow getting kicked off the old database version to be your primary motivation!