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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update to VM script for PowerCLI is on the way....

I'm going to update the script in the previous post to not use vmdk's for the data luns of the database. 

Although this performs well and its the SAP/VMWare best practice (and this is great for smaller db's) the idea that we may have to replicate our bugs on physical hardware for Oracle support means we'd have to live with our bug long enough to set up a new physical server, install the db software and restore the database to it.  For these multi-TB databases, that would take many hours, at least.  If we use RAW devices in the VM's (with the vBlock's Cisco UCS) all we have to do is apply a profile to a spare blade, turn it on and add that node to the RAC cluster.  Within a few minutes we'll be able to replicate the bug for MOS...then we can shutdown the blade and remove the profile.

I'll post it when its finished.