Monday, October 3, 2011

Openworld 10/3 Oracle Keynote

I think its interesting that Oracle has allowed so much time to their partner/competitor EMC and VMWare in the Monday morning keynote.  The value of EMC's big data strategies, Greenplum, VMWare and EMC Storage w/vfast are all being shown to Oracle's best customers.

They're talking about "Cloud meets big data"...and showing they can get 1 million iops with vfast storage in Exadata, while making available all the virtualization features we've become used to, like snap/clone.

Pared with Greenplum and hadoop, peyabytes are analyzed in seconds.  It'll be interesting to hear Exahadoop's and Exalytics response. :)

Here's a pic of an Exalytics server:

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