Monday, October 3, 2011

New product announcements!

1. Oracle Big Data Appliance
Hadoop map reduce
Oracle data loader for hadoop
Exalytics (see pic), Oracle's new nosql platform.

2. Oem release 12...I can see you can set up IORM in the new OEM UI...this is the new, more intuitive gui.  Human factors have always been a problem for new users of OEM.

3. Exalogic isn't new, but integration with OVM 3.0 is new.  This is a big step forward to the "Big Honkin' Cloud" Larry talked about last year.  Oracle had a product called ASR that monitors Exadata environments and submits SR's to MOS looks like that function has been added to OEM 12 now.  If a hardware problem is detected, an SR is sent to Oracle, and a person is dispatched to replace the part immediately, automaticly.

4. Exalytics BI & EPM appliance.  20x faster relational OLAP performance, 80X faster multidimentional performance.  Times Ten is used in the Exalytics server...think of it as an extension to your db cache, with the ability to offload plsql under some circumstances. 

The demo is using an an analysis of all the cars sold in the world over the last 10 years...a huge amount of data, in memory.

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