Friday, September 30, 2011

Rumors of Openworld 2011

Its that time of year when everybody starts guessing re:What Larry will have to say for us that's new and exciting from Openworld.  Here are some guesses:

1. is already out for Linux from metalink/MOS...following the new pattern of where its a complete download rather than a patchset.  So...with that out of the way...I've been seeing patches "Backported from 12.1" for months now on MOS.  Its a good bet Larry is going to drop RDBMS 12 on us.

2. We've all heard by now about Oracle's new database appliance.  Its a stepping stone for smaller organizations to Exadata.  A managed database/hardware solution with good performance.  I plan to check it out at some point later this year...I'll let you know how that goes.  Today I got an email from Oracle that mentions "Oracle Database Appliance 12c Private Database Cloud."  So...this lends credence to #1 above, and...interestingly it'll be called...not 12i, not 12g...but 12c.

3.  Without giving details this time (I was asked to remove the post talking about a change to HCC as it relates to storage), let me just say...there will be a big, positive change to HCC as it relates to storage.

4. This one is huge:  Oracle's Hadoop appliance!  I heard about this a few months ago, but I can finally talk about it.  There have been tweets and blogs mentioning "Exa-Hadoop", and here's something official that confirms it:<>.  I think this is an interesting play for Oracle...Hadoop's profitability in an appliance is clear...they make money on the hardware and on support.  Since the product is Opensource, they'll help the entire Hadoop community with their development (Like OVM helps Xen and OEL and OCFS2 helps linux.) There's huge interest in the industry around Hadoop.

5. Exalogic v2!  I've heard from a somewhat unreliable source (you know who you are) that Exalogic will now have better support for Cache Fusion...this will be a huge performance boost.

6. OEM 12 (or maybe 12c?)!  I don't know if this will be announced, but the timing seems really good.  See my previous post re:my friend who was encouraged by Oracle to remove his post re:the coming features of OEM 12c.  :)   There's some pretty cool stuff on the way...huge changes.  I saw a mock up of the new UI about a year ago...its completely different and vastly improved. 

I just read a funny post <> on this topic...Oracle really should come out with a product called "SexiaBIHadoop."

There are always surprises...can't wait to be there. :)

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